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CineStage is a completely new concept in Open Air Cinema. It combines an extraordinary cinema screening on a 440 m2 screen with the ability of terrific live events on an included huge stage.

The 14 x 32m surface can be rotated on its axis and packed and parked during the day at a height of 5m, where it „floats“ above the ground. Prior to the beginning of an event it is brought into play-position with an integrated light and sound-show.

A digital cinema projector projects a brilliant image on the huge Cinemascope screen. Full-body sound is provided for up to 5.000 people by a 7.1 soundsystem driven by brand-new beam-stearing technology. Multiple lighteffects create an extraordinary intro-show in advance to every movie screening.


Within a few hours the cinema-screen can be turned into a huge stage for live concerts. Big live acts like Brian Adams, Joe Cocker, Neil Young, Simply Red, Katie Melua and many more have performed on CineStage.

The trussframe, holding the screen during cinema, is now placed horizontally and serves as a platform roof for the stage. The existing screen system is supplemented by additional trusses, thus enabling the operation as a stagehouse. It can than take heavy load rigging up to additional 26 tons. For protection against the weather, the stage can be planned on the entire left, right and rear side with rain-proof tarpaulin creating a 300 squaremeter live-stage. Smaller shows, e.g. preshows to a film-screening can even act without the need of additional trussing, simply turning the screen by 90 deegres and making it a stageroof.



Screen System

  • Measurements (viewing position) width: 35m
 height: 17m
  • Measurements (parked position) width: 35m
height: 5m (supports 10m)
  • Measurements (screen) width: 32m
 height: 14m
 The screen is fitted with black cache edging
  • Free-standing, height adjustable, 360° rotary System

Stage System

  • Stage Size: 30 x 12 m
  • Fully closed on 3 sides
  • Loading capacity: 26 tons
  • Multiple rigging points


Fully air-conditioned projection container equipped with the following:

  • 4k DCI Projection with 30.000 Ansi lumen
  • 2k DCI Projection as backup
  • DCI Cinema Servers
  • Blu-ray, DVD and Media Players
  • Dolby Sound Decoder
  • Digital 32-Input, 16-Bus sound mixer
  • Microphones: 3 UHF microphones, 5 wired

  • Grand MA Lighting console
  • Wireless remote control for all parameters


  • 2500 (or more) connectable Samsonite™ event folding chairs


  • 3 front channels (left, centre, right) with beam steering technology as well as sub-bass
  • 4 Surround channels (surround left, front, rear; surround right, front and rear)
  • High output range of 138 db (1W/1m)
  • Front-systems using beam stearing technology in order to focus exactly within the given venue
  • Large-sized 15 inch Surround System speakers using broad range multiple delays


  • Multiple RGBWA LED-PAR spotlights included in the rotating system
  • up to 20 atmospheric light objects

  • 50 aircraft landing spots moving across the screen
creating a large tapestry lighting effect

  • Stage lighting


 ... The world’s largest mobile screen. This is something extraordinary. Prior to every movie the medium »cinema» shows its potential. To let everybody see, that the mobility of the screen is not only a fake, it rotates during an intro show from a horizontal to a vertical position. This rotation does not happen in a simple way, but in a complex series of up-, down-, forward- and backward-movements. At first, the screen’s backside greets the visitors with huge grey letters. This creates the impression of a magician, demonstrating his audience, that his cards are real and his sleeves are empty. Bombastic sounds, blinking lights – the cinema presents itself as an event.

And it is exactly that. The sound is clear, the pictures are brillant – it does not matter what is projected on the 14 x 32m screen after having reached its »play position». One is magically allured by the pictures, projected on the screen, out of the 10.000W projector. Leaving the Open Air Cinema during the show, without turning several times to look at the screen, is hardly possible. The further one recedes from the cinema, the more the picture sparkles. A precious, bright toy, you can not easily leave...  

»Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung», German daily newspaper


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